What is Akaushi?

The beautiful, red cows known as Akaushi are one of four breeds known collectively as Wagyu, which translates to Japanese cow. In Japan, Akaushi is known as the Emperor's Breed Akaushi have long been considered a national treasure of Japan.

Akaushi Cows in America

For more than 100 years, Akaushi cattle have undergone genetic improvements, with their genetics guarded and not permitted into the international cattle market; until 1994 when eight Akaushi cows and three bulls were brought to the United States. The cows made their way to the U.S. through a now closed loophole; the U.S.-Japan Trade Act of 1992.

Akaushi: High-Quality Beef

The high-value Akaushi cow breed produces the finest Kobe beef on the market. The meat produced by these well-bred Wagyus could disrupt the entire American meat industry.

  • Akaushi cattle produce an abundance of oleic acid, a monosaturated fatty acid that offers a multitude of health benefits in humans
  • Smooth, umami flavor and melting tenderness of beef quality
  • Exceptionhal marbling in the beef makes it a high epicurean demand

Akaushi beef is so exceptional that when bred to produce crossbred calves, the USDA Quality Grade rapidly increases. Crossbred steers from Akaushi and English-breed cows have graded more than 60% Prime in trials.

The Future of Akaushi

Akaushi cattle is primed to change the U.S. beef production industry in a major way. The quality of beef produced by half-bred Akaushi cows is unprecedented, and the protections that this breed has is undeniable.

U.S. ranchers are quickly realizing the advantages that come with adding Akaushi bloodlines to herds. Crossing Akaushi with any breed produces hardy calves with improved longevity. The meat produced from crossbreeds is also healthier and tastier than most meat produced in the U.S.

If more ranchers begin introducing Akaushi bloodlines to their herds, the possibilities for higher beef quality are endless.

Introduce Akaushi to Your Herd

Introducing Akaushi to your herd is absolutely the answer to producing beef that overperforms. Your herd will also benefit from the introduction of Akaushi with stronger genetics. At Legendary Akaushi Genetics, we have acquired the semen and embryos that can help you produce the best herd possible. Take a look at our semen page today, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!