akaushi bulls for sale

Akaushi Bulls for Sale

Legendary Akaushi Genetics offers the most genetically complete bulls in the Red Wagyu industry. There are numerous reasons why purchasing a live Akaushi bull is an outstanding investment. The genetics in this supreme cattle breed can help your herd in a variety of ways:

  • Take maternal power to new levels with Akaushi
  • Increase cattle carcass quality with Red Wagyu
  • Outcross genetics with Akushi genetics

Our company has an outstanding set-for-sale private treaty, and we are happy to reach you achieve your goals with live Akaushi bulls. Contact Bill Fisher to discuss the selection at 713-412-6228 or email sales@akaushigenetics.com.

akaushi heifers for sale

Akaushi Females for Sale

The females of Legendary Akaushi Genetics were bred with the sole purpose of sustaining the blood that made the Akaushi breed famous across the world. This is your chance to obtain genetics via live female Akaushi cattle that come from the heart of the breed.

These females are closely backed by the cattle that came to America with the goal of expanding the superior beef industry. We take enormous pride in only keeping the highest-quality of females that represent our selection of values in function and type. Call Bill Fisher at 713-412-6228 or email sales@akaushigenetics.com to discuss this superior selection of Akaushi cattle.

Akaushi cattle genetic counsulting

Land and Genetic Consulting for Akaushi Cattle

Legendary Akaushi Genetics offers various services to assist you on your journey to raising Akaushi or investing in superior Akaushi genetics.
  • Marketing and promotion for Akaushi business
  • Land management and mapping for raising Akaushi cattle
  • Genetic selection of Red Wagyu cattle
  • Ranch personnel consultation for Akaushi cows
  • Long-term genetic and operational strategies for Akaushi genetics
  • DNA collection, vaccination protocol and dehorning of Akaushi cows

If you are interested in the Akaushi industry, these consultancy services are essential to success. Contact Bill Fisher at 713-412-6228 to discuss which services would be the best fit for your Akaushi business, or email sales@akaushigenetics.com.